what cycle are we breaking?

Here’s the cycle we’ve all been taught:

1) Get an education.

2) Get a professional job.

3) Buy a nice house.

4) Buy possessions to fill it.

5) Get married and have kids.

6) Buy a bigger house and more possessions to fill it.

7) Make more money to pay for all of this.

In other words, keep moving up the ladder and succumbing to your crappy nine-to-five, which turns into 7:30-9:30 plus weekends, just to keep buying more crap to fill your empty home (since you’re never there) and eventually grow apart from your spouse, divorce, become unhappy, work more, make more, buy more…



We’re breaking the cycle!

Here’s how:

  • Finish fixing up our fixer-upper.
  • Sell the house and all of our unnecessary crap.
  • Payoff all debts, buy land and build tiny house in the country with the profit.
  • Live self-employed and as self-sufficient as possible.
  • Live happily ever after.

This blog is our journal, illustrating the adventures between here and there.